Faster Development With Data

Flowcore is an intent-centric data orchestration platform designed to revolutionize your development process. Seamlessly store, manage, and transform data in real-time with built-in persistence and custom container support. Flowcore meticulously preserves all data change events, ensuring the context and intent of each are retained. This capability enables flexible, future-proof decisions without compromising the integrity of the original data. Accelerate innovation and reduce costs by deferring data structure decisions.

Data Containerization

Flowcore believes that data containers have the potential to revolutionize the data industry, much like shipping containers transformed global trade. By standardizing data storage, enhancing efficiency, ensuring security, fostering innovation, and democratizing access to advanced data management capabilities, data containers empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their data assets and drive meaningful impact in the digital economy.

Guides to Flowcore

We provide a range of tutorials on our YouTube channel, guiding users through Flowcore's features from basics to advanced levels. Additionally, our documentation page offers detailed guides for troubleshooting and exploring platform features. Join our Discord Community Server for further assistance, collaboration, and exploring Flowcore with fellow enthusiasts in a dynamic space.

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Subsription Plans



• Public Data Cores
• 5 GB Storage
• 1,000 Ingestions/sec
• 5 Adapters
• 1 User per Organization



All in Free plus Monthly Fee:
• $5/Private Data Core
• $5/100 GB Storage
• $10/Ingestion Unit
• $10/Adapter Unit
• $8/Extra User



All in Basic
• $1,250 Monthly Usage
• Enterprise Features


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Note: all plans come with 'fair usage' limitations and will incur additional fees for managed read models.

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