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About Us

We are a small company based in the Faroe Islands, with staff also residing in other surrounding countries. Just as we believe our technology is revolutionary, we also strive to foster a modern work environment. Our team consists of people from different backgrounds, working together to revolutionize the world of data. At Flowcore, we value flexibility and personal growth. We prioritize a work-life balance, which offers our team the flexibility they need to thrive both at home and at work. Our team's curiosity ensures that we aim for the forefront of technology and industry trends.

The Team

A group photo of Flowcore employees
Flowcore employees at TechBBQ
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Flowcore employees in a Flowcore themed ball pit

Ten people work at Flowcore.

Meet the Founders

Portrait of Ólavur Ellefsen
Ólavur Ellefsen
CEO & Co-founder
Portrait of Joan Sørensen
Joan Sørensen
CSO & Co-founder
Portrait of Julius á Rógvi Biskopstø
Julius á Rógvi Biskopstø
CTO & Co-founder
Portrait of Brian Bischoff
Brian Bischoff
Chairman, COO & Co-founder

Contact Us

You can contact us via phone, email, at our office or on our Discord community server.